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SIFIDE - Tax Incentive Systems for Business R&D

SIFIDE aims to increase the competitiveness of companies by supporting their efforts in Research & Development by deducting from the IRC collection a percentage of the respective R&D expenses (in the part not reimbursed by the State or European Funds).


All IRC taxpayers who are primarily engaged in an agricultural, industrial, commercial and service activity can apply for this grant system provided that they fulfill two conditions cumulatively: the taxable profit is not determined by indirect methods and that are not indebted to the Tax Authority and Social Security.

What are the eligible expenses?
  • Expenses with personnel directly involved in R&D tasks (If a doctorate, it is considered at 120%)

  • Operating expenses (up to 55% of personnel expenses)

  • Acquisitions of property, plant and equipment

  • Participation in the capital of R&D institutions and contributions to investment funds

  • Cost of registration, acquisition and maintenance of patents

  • Expenditure on R&D audits

  • Staff participation in the management of R&D institutions

  • Contracting of R&D activities with public entities (or with statute) or suitable entities recognized by ANI

  • Expenses with demonstration actions


Expenses related to R&D activities associated with ecologically designed product projects are considered to be 110%.

What are the deductible fees?

For the current year, the rates in force are:

  1. Base rate - 32.50% of expenses incurred in the year of application

  2. Incremental rate - 50% of the increase in this expense in relation to the average of the previous 2 years, up to the limit of 1.5 million euros

This fee is increased by 20% for expenses related to the hiring of doctorates by companies for R&D activities, in which case the limit will be 1.8 million euros.

For IRC taxpayers who are SMEs, who have not yet completed two financial years and who have not yet benefited from the incremental rate, a 15% increase is applied to the base rate .


Os estágios desenvolvidos no âmbito de projetos reconhecidos como de interesse estratégico para a economia nacional ou de determinada região podem ter a duração de 6, 9 ou 12 meses.


O período de apresentação de candidaturas aos ESTÁGIOS ATIVAR.PT decorre entre as 9h00 do dia 9 de fevereiro de 2024 e as 18h00 do dia 30 de maio de 2024 (ou quando for atingida a dotação orçamental).


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